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My name is Bruce Cook.  I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant.*

After a successful career in taxation, auditing and industry, I left corporate America and started an advertising business from the ground up with no knowledge of selling. Selling advertising was a great learning experience and I got to meet and know many, many small businesses. Eventually the business grew into the largest advertising vehicle of its kind in Central Texas. When I chose to move to the next phase of my career, I engaged a business broker to sell my business and got my first introduction to the business broker profession (and it wasn't very pleasant or professional).

In between a very successful travel and tour business stint and a not-as-successful foray into the global export business, I realized I enjoyed working one-on-one with small business owners and made the decision to become a business broker and small business consultant.

I began my business broker career in the early 90's by working for a traditional, full-service brokerage firm. Early on I realized the traditional method of business brokering - high fees, little effort - did not serve business sellers or business buyers very well. That thought process led me to develop the concept of discount business brokerage and in 2003, I launched Discount Business Brokers USA to offer sellers the professional resource they needed to sell their business at reasonable and fair pricing.

I enjoy getting to know small business owners and would like to see if I can help you sell your business that you've worked so hard to build. I am available for a confidential, no-cost, no-hassle, honest discussion of your business and selling prospects. The next step is yours. Contact me. You'll be glad you did.

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*Texas CPA number 30209, not a CPA firm

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