Why Discount Business Brokers?

Rolling up our sleeves to work for you.

Are discount brokerage services right for you?

Modern business owners are increasingly more sophisticated in the way they handle their business affairs. The knowledge they have gained operating a successful business in today's environment has provided many business owners the skills needed to handle some aspects of a business sale traditionally performed by a full-service broker (for a hefty fee).

In the past, when selling a business, owners had only two choices: sell it completely on their own, with no help from a business broker, or turn the sale completely over to a full-service business broker and pay very expensive commissions (whether or not the broker finds the buyer or does any work at all).

Discount Business Brokers USA was formed to aid business sellers who would like professional representation and business broker services, but don't want to be forced to pay for the tasks they could easily accomplish themselves. 

The concept is not new - you've no doubt heard of successful real estate companies such as “Texas Discount Realty” or “1% Realty”

These companies and others like them have changed the real estate industry by bringing consumers more marketing choices and have saved millions of dollars in commissions.

We know that selling a business is more complicated than selling a piece of land. With that in mind, we provide a basic level of support for your business sale, including packaging and advertising, buyer screening and confidentiality, advice, consultation, negotiations, escrow and closing arrangements. Our clients then choose additional services only as needed. Our clients never pay for services they don't need or want. They don't pay huge minimum fees or sign exclusive listing agreements.

If this description fits you and you would like to learn more about selling your business and keeping more of the money for yourself, then take the next step...

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